The Brains In My Feet

alternative medicine of the human body

Feet are so smart! Did you know that there is a reflex point for every gland, organ and body part all found on the comparatively small canvas of your feet? They are even correctly laid out in relation to one another (see funky illustration!) Of course some folk have bigger feet than others and there is more space between the reflex points but they are all in roughly the same location.

When trying to explain this to a client I say, “the tops of your toes are your brain.” Well, they are not literally your brain but working them it sure can go a long way to easing that headache or anxiety. Just like the nose reflex can help free up congestion and working on your shoulder, hip or neck reflexes can help ease aches and pains. All of which I have witnessed in my clients

Manually stimulating these points encourages the organ it represents to release the toxins and natural waste accumulated by the body every day. It is then moved into the organs of elimination like the bladder, the colon or the skin. This is why reflexology has earned the reputation for detoxification. Essentially it is a modality that speeds up the natural function of the body to heal itself.

I had a client with cancer who came to me after a surgery and he continued a course of treatment for 10 or 11 weeks. Slowly reflexology reprioritized his progress for us by improving the thing he was most concerned about. As it became less of a problem the next thing would pop up or be more obvious, and we dealt with it. Digestive issues, allergies and mental emotional stress were all addressed.

It was immensely satisfactory to see his wellbeing improve and see how happy it made him. My hope is to find other clients like him that want to commit to a number of treatments and let reflexology do its magic. Will you be one of them? I have now opened a new private practice in the beaches and I hope to see you there!

Call (416) 317-2124 to book a treatment

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