Feet Matter Open!

I have been so grateful to call The Beaches in Toronto my home. Now I am even more grateful to be opening up a practice in this area. My modalities are Reflexology, Reiki, Distance Reiki online and Aromatherapy. Although I have also studied Therapeutic Touch and as an intuitive energy worker I have a number of practical and spiritual tools at my disposal. I quite like working with crystals and look forward to bringing them into my practice more.

I also look forward to assisting my new and old clients along their path to wellness and hope you could be one of them! I will work with you by co-creating a sustainable, enjoyable and supportive home care plan as how you care for yourself off the table is much more important than the time we spend working together. Everyone needs help and asking for it is the first step. You are the best person to put your plan into action and I would be honoured to be part of your journey!


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