things have to break

What is that they say about omelettes, you can’t make one if you don’t break a lot of eggs in the process? Well some things are just like that. Relationships, projects, dreams, stuff. There is a life cycle to everything (cue Simba on Pride Rock). It doesn’t mean we’re not heart broken because that is without exception one of those things. It doesn’t mean we don’t miss what we had, or grieve a future that won’t be or have trouble letting go, these things are all part of the process. It’s how we learn to accept the fragility of things, and how come to understand how mending them makes us stronger.

Just today I was just thanking someone for saying something I needed to hear, that confirmed that some things need to break. I was thanking them for the message and its synchronicity, the term first introduced by the German phycologist Carl Jung as “the coincidental occurrence of events that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality.” Well synchronicity is cut from the same cloth as coincidence but I have been an intuitive energy worker far too long to believe in that either. It was with with that frame of mind that I woke up to this.

I know it was an accident and my son felt so guilty for leaving it out. I must admit I head to steal myself before I said “it’s okay it’s just a dish” true and not true. This bowl was given to me by a fellow actor from the last theatrical production I was in. It is a part of me I miss, theatre, and a part I want to return to. I realize this dish is not the future breaking, but it was the thing I could hold in my hand every day that reminded me the future was still there.

These two events, the wishing for something and the breaking of my bowl seem related because they are. I always keep my eyes open for clarification of my guides and the universe in general that yes, “today is the day.” Today is that day that I realize and remember what I already know. That sometimes things break in order to re-form into something that could metaphorically be waiting for you in the future.

A break is painful but it pushes you to keep going, because what else can we do in this life? We deserve the future happiness waiting for us. It may not may not ease the blow of loss but there are some things that just can’t be superglued. Now I begin the process of making peace with that, taking one day at a time until I really am okay with it, because maybe it is supposed to be broken.


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