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“My first reflexology treatment with Kelly was deeply relaxing and I returned often after that for regular treatments both as a stress reliever and as preventative medicine.” Reflexology Client

“Kelly is a skilled, highly intuitive practitioner and her sessions are personalized and informative. She has suggested energetic exercises that all work beautifully for me and have really helped me She is a nurturing person who I am very grateful to have as a guide.” Reiki Client


Reflexology is a hands on treatment to stimulate the reflex points on the feet corresponding to every gland, organ and part of the body. Manually stimulating these points encourages the increased movement of toxins out of the body through its systems of elimination. It is a powerful way to detox the body, promote relaxation, reduce stress, evaluate the body systems and support a preventative health care plan. 

Reflexology is a holistic modality that has been practiced for thousands of years all over the world. It addresses every gland, organ and part of the body via reflex points. 

This is what a typical Reflexology foot chart looks like, indicating the position of all of the reflexes which do alter a bit depending on the shape and size of the feet. However for those who are more visual, the illustration below this gives a much more straightforward representation of where the reflex points are located.

There is a point for every gland and organ in the human body

When you treat these organs and glands through the feet they physically and energetically respond creating a number of possible side effects. Effective in cases of poor circulation, foot ailments and diabetes. I have treated clients successfully with symptoms such as headaches, sinus congestion, allergies, digestive upset, IBS, anxiety and stress, urinary tract infections, reproductive ailments, insomnia, chronic pain, loss of movement, general body pain and conditions requiring detoxification. I prefer to begin a treatment with an essential oil foot bath. Read on to see how I use Aromatherapy in my practice.


Reiki is a traditional Japanese form of energy work translating to “universal life force energy.”It was founded by Dr.Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. In hands on and hands off work I use my intention and intuition to channel healing energy. In the course of a reiki treatment energy works through the body moving energetic, creative, mental, emotional or physical blocks. This supports the body to release stress and anxiety, promote healing and provide insight to messages your body communicates to you.

Reiki energy works with mental, emotional and physical blocks

During a reiki treatment what is commonly noted is the temperature of my palms, they can get quite warm when treating areas of concern. Otherwise information comes intuitively to both practitioner as well as sometimes the client. The physical sensation of how energy moves and changes in the body as it works with and through blocks is a very abstract concept until you have a personal experience with it. It often brings up memories, emotions etc as after all our body stores these things, which is why they surface in many types of mental, emotional or physical forms of therapy.   As a practitioner I am not a therapist but I can assist you in looking at issues if they present themselves from an energetic standpoint.

Reiki can be applied as a hands on, hands off or as a distance treatment

Reiki is excellent for the healing of wounds, burns, bruises, the treatment of mental and emotional distress, shock as well as tension headaches and migraines. I have worked with clients dealing with issues such as bereavement, detoxification, sleeping disorders, chronic pain, fatigue, digestive issues, reproductive issues, circulatory issues, eating disorders and terminal conditions.

Distance Reiki

Reiki is a traditional Japanese form of energy work translating to “universal life force energy.”It was founded by Dr.Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. The important thing to remember about reiki energy work is that energy is like electricity, it has no boundaries and can go where it wills.

Distance Reiki is a very abstract concept especially for those that are new to energy work. When someone is doing hands on or hands off reiki in your physical space that is a concrete experience, however whether I am using my intention to send healing across the room or across the country it makes no difference.

Reiki is anything that is non-physical which moves from one place to another i.e light, vibration, sound or emotion. Reiki energy moves with intention. Intention and use of symbols are the momentum when you treat hands-on or send reiki distantly. In a hands-on reiki treatment energy works through the body moving energetic, creative, mental, emotional or physical blocks with intention. In this way a distance treatment works the same. A recent client was good enough give my treatment a review.

“I was recommended to Kelly by a friend who saw her for a reflexology session and told me about her skills as an energy healer. Right away her calm and welcoming spirit made me feel comfortable and at home…she compassionately listened to my story and made me feel heard and supported. Kelly is a highly intuitive practitioner and uses her guidance to help make your session personalized and informative. She has suggested energetic exercises that all work beautifully for me and have really helped me on my spiritual journey. She is a skilled, loving and nurturing person who I am very grateful to have as a guide.”

Reiki and Distance Reiki Client

Distance reiki supports the body to release blocks, stress and anxiety, promote healing and provide insight to messages your body communicates with you. In an online treatment you will make a comfortable space for yourself to experience the reiki treatment. I will send reiki and your body will process it, hopefully moving through any energetic blocks. In the absence of physical touch it actually creates more of an opportunity to focus on the energetic field without distraction from the body. In this way the body experiencing the energy usually experiences bodily sensations as energy moves through their field.

All that is required of my clients is that they set aside a time and space where they will be undisturbed. Preferably I will connect with them over Zoom, FaceTime or the WhatsApp application but I can also connect over the phone for the duration of the treatment.

Treatments can be either 40 minutes for $45.00 or 60 minutes for $80.00. The session also includes a follow up report of the issues that were raised during treatment, any exercises to do at home and a general plan to move forward with any behaviour changes, challenges and ideas for self-care.

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Universal life force energy knows no boundaries


Part of my training in the Holistic Practitioner Care Program was the beautiful art of Aromatherapy which is using cold pressed plant oils such as lavender, jasmine, bergamot and frankincense in treatment. It is a holistic therapy with many different therapeutic applications. Adding essential oil to bath water is a classic way to use aromatherapy but a foot bath works just as well. I also use a defuser in my room so if you are scent sensitive please let me know ahead of time and it will not be used at all.

I use essential oil in reflexology treatments diluted in water or a carrier oil or lotion. Lavender is the only oil that can be used safely on the skin. Aromatherapy like other modalities including reflexology has been used for thousands of years for the treatment or alleviation of symptoms. As humans our sense of smell is deeply tied into our memories and emotions as well as our physiological responses and personal preferences.

The benefits of using therapeutic oils accentuates the effectiveness of the hands on modalities I practice. For instance if a reflexology client is recovering from a cold or flu in addition to working on their sinus and lung reflexes I would use lavender to help reduce sinus congestion and eucalyptus/frankincense as an expectorant.

Oils have many crossovers in terms of their usefulness for mental, emotional or physical symptoms and there are also many oils that can be used to assist with the same issue. If someone is having issues with digestive complaints I could use a mix of peppermint, fennel, aniseed, chamomile or coriander. If a woman is having trouble with her menstrual cycle and experiencing hormone imbalance I could use of mix of rose, clary sage, geranium, jasmine and lavender.

Rose is also an oil used for support during times of loss and suffering. On clients experiencing mental or emotional issues such as mild depression and insomnia I would use the citrus oils specifically bergamot for their mood balancing properties, lavender, neroli or sandalwood are good for anxiety and sleep disturbance.

Home care is also a great way to incorporate essential oils. I recommend facial steams for sinus issues using the appropriate oils, baths for pain, mobility issues and compresses for injuries like sprains or healing wounds. Essential oil is such a versatile substance that it is always a joy to use in my practices and takes a reflexology or reiki treatment to an even more sensory focused experience.

To book a reflexology or reiki treatment with or without the use of essential oils please call (416) 317-2124 or contact me using the link below.


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