Reflexology is a hands on treatment to stimulate the reflex points on the feet corresponding to every gland, organ and part of the body. Manually stimulating these points encourages the increased movement of toxins out of the body through its systems of elimination. It is a powerful way to detox the body, promote relaxation, reduce stress, evaluate the body systems and support a preventative health care plan. 

Reflexology is a holistic modality that has been practiced for thousands of years all over the world. It addresses every gland, organ and part of the body via reflex points. 

This is what a typical Reflexology foot chart looks like, indicating the position of all of the reflexes which do alter a bit depending on the shape and size of the feet. However for those who are more visual, the illustration below this gives a much more straightforward representation of where the reflex points are located.

There is a point for every gland and organ in the human body

When you treat these organs and glads through the feet they physically and energetically respond creating a number of possible side effects. Effective in cases of poor circulation, foot ailments and diabetes I have treated clients successfully with symptoms such as headaches, sinus congestion, allergies, digestive upset, IBS, anxiety and stress, urinary tract infections, reproductive ailments, insomnia, chronic pain, loss of movement, general body pain and conditions requiring detoxification.

I have also facilitated workshops on relaxation techniques, stress management, essential oils and couples reflexology. I am not practicing at the moment but stay turned for an update and see my Reflexology Tips page for helpful hints on at home treatments.

Feet deserve our love and attention


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